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How to reach consumers today has become a key strategic priority. How value can be better delivered to customers? Brands have the ability to deliver premium value. Customers want to be engaged by brands that inspire, are aspirational and fulfill their dreams. 

Brand Audit Group provides guidance on how to create value through strategic brand management.


Kirsti Lindberg-Repo

“In today’s world you need to understand branding and its impact on your customers and revenue stream.’’

I am a Finnish adjunct professor and researcher in the study of branding, service and design management. Besides academic grounding, I have guided and coached companies in how to build greater value through strategic brand management.

As the founder and CEO of Brand Audit Group, I am a passionate brand enthusiast and recognized expert in the academic field.

It all started at Cornell University, where I did my doctoral research on the Ben&Jerry's ice cream brand.Those early years kick-started a lifelong dedication to branding research and expertise. This journey continued at Hanken, Swedish School of Ecomics in Helsinki and Aalto Arts. In year 2013, I was invited to work as a visiting professor in Singapore Management University. 

I have been actively contributing to branding research for the past 20 years and have extensive experience in co-operation with academia and practitioners. I have also published three books on branding: “Titans of Service”, “Titans of Branding” and "Asiakkaan ja brändin vuorovaikutus". 



Professor Kirsti Lindberg-Repo has been featured in numerous press releases, and her case studies have been recognized and published on website such as Harvard Business Review.

case study: ultrarope

UltraRope: Crafting a Go-To-Market Strategy for Kone's Innovative 'UltraRope' Hoisting Cable

In any industry, companies must keep their mission, vision and values as the guiding aspects, as well as the determinants, of their market position. Kone, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, was founded in 1910. Kone has always held the core belief that the elevator user experience should be more than a simple ride up or down. With its focus on design, Kone aims to give passengers an enjoyable experience that adds value to a building and its users.



Konecranes: Lifting Not Just 'Things', but Entire Businesses, to New Heights

Konecranes is a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment and a market leader in industrial cranes and components. Headquartered in Finland, the group has the world's most extensive crane service network. North Americas is the group's best performing territory, accounting for a third of global sales. However, it is increasingly clear that future growth will primarily come from emerging markets elsewhere.

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