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We are currently engaged with Design Finland 100

This project builds a business bridge for Finnish brands looking for new growth from Southeast Asia, the growth engine of the world.

Design Finland 100 is an innovative project for Finnish companies looking for growth, new business opportunities and networks in Southeast Asia. Nordic Business and Design Case Competition will be organized in the top Asian universities of business, design and technology. Design Finland 100 is the official partner of the Suomi Finland 100 independence programme.

Via Design Finland 100, we will build new relationships with academic institutions and business partners in the region, the home of 667 million people. In other words, we will crowdsource new ways to market Finland. Students gather together to create new approaches for Finnish companies in business case competition.

Design Finland 100 project, we are looking at the concept of design from the branding perspective. This means that design needs to bring differentiation for a product or service. It needs to have aspirational features and made desirable for the consumers, whether they are in the B2B or B2C industries.

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