We understand the significance of brand research that brings results. And for this reason, we have developed the effective and efficient analytics and measurement metrics.


Academic platform 

With our high research and consultancy standards we create strategic, uplifting changes and improvements in brand management resulting in revenue increases.



Global application 

The key to our services is our seamless integration of deep industry and global expertise.  We bring together perspectives from global branding best practices and integrate them with our branding knowledge. With international thought leaders in branding, we are constantly updating our knowledge and experience with global branding trends and success stories.


Strategic brand analytics and auditing

Our brand metrics provide relevant branding knowledge and analyze information to support strategic decision-making. We provide insightful and useful analytics on customer relationships and loyalty development with your brand.

Strategic brand consultancy

Our brand consultancy solutions focus on developing a strong, focused business strategy combined with customer needs management for maximum business momentum.



Brand development tools

The targeted brand development strategies we offer provide opportunities to develop your brand in order to maximize your business revenues.



Brand Audit Group and Dr. Kirsti Lindberg-Repo has published highly recognized books, researches and articles related to brands and service.